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Dawid Biernat
partner, advocate
A lawyer with several years of experience , co-founder of the Lach Janas Biernat law firm and an extremely talented trial lawyer.

He represents clients in cases from the full spectrum of civil and criminal law, including primarily criminal business law. He also specialises in disputes concerning the protection of personal rights, in particular his clients’ good name, reputation, image and privacy. He is fully at home in the courtroom, navigating his way with remarkable proficiency. A trusted advisor to high-profile figures from the world of business, politics and the entertainment industry.

A lawyer ideally suited for special assignments, especially when faced with media crises. Dawid’s expertise also covers intra-company disputes as well as support and negotiation during the exit processes from companies. He has extensive experience in providing legal advice and services to property development companies – both at the contract negotiation stage, through enforcing the performance of the contractual terms and conditions and handling any potential disputes.

In his considerable professional background, he has provided legal assistance to film producers, publishing houses and media companies, dealing not only with the design and implementation of comprehensive legal solutions, but also offering strategic advice at the pre-litigation stage, resulting in the avoidance or elimination of many risks to the clients’ image.

Privately, he is passionate about kitesurfing and surfing. Whenever he can, he jumps on a motorbike, though he often arrives at the law firm and court on his blue Vespa GT. He also loves good cinema and can talk about it for hours.

He has boundless energy and a genuine passion for his profession.

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Zuzanna Skiba
Highly confident and versatile lawyer, well-versed in various areas of civil law, with a particular specialisation in contract law. She also advises clients on matters of criminal law, administrative law, labour law, family and guardianship law.

She is experienced in providing services to a wide range of business entities, including property developers, and has assisted many foreign clients with their transactions in Poland.

She has a great feel for the courtroom and demonstrates great ability and thoroughness at every stage of every case. Zuzanna’s unwavering attention to even the smallest details sets her apart from her opponents, consistently placing her one step ahead. She is a lawyer with a strong character, for which clients adore her and colleagues admire her.

Zuzanna is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw.

Since 2022, she has been an advocate at the Warsaw Bar Association. She gained her professional experience working in a large corporation in Warsaw as well as in law firms specialising in litigation.

Since childhood, she has been passionate about sport, still spending her free time on the tennis court or in the gym, which she finds is the best way for her to regenerate. She also possesses a deep love for long-distance travel and considers herself a genuine foodie; she is never happier than when combining her culinary adventures with her exploration of new destinations.

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Maciej Lach
partner, advocate
Maciej is a highly accomplished lawyer who has refined his skills through more than 30 years of professional practice.

Maciej is a highly accomplished lawyer who has refined his skills through more than 30 years of professional practice. As a co-founder of the law firm, he brings extensive expertise in civil law, specialising particularly in the protection of personal rights. He has achieved numerous victories in court disputes, often involving the preservation of his clients’ good name, reputation, privacy, and image.

He has represented clients from the worlds of art, politics and business in many high-profile media lawsuits. Having developed and practiced his skills over the years, he excels at reaching compromises and providing guidance during media crises, helping to avoid many high-profile and protracted disputes.

The courtroom holds no secrets from him and he has proven himself to be a master of this arena.

An established lawyer in the creative industry, Maciej has provided legal assistance for dozens of events and artistic and film productions over the years, as well as advertising campaigns. He advises his clients on a wide range of matters related to the media and audiovisual markets, in particular with regard to major projects and servicing entities operating in this market.

His practice includes, in particular, copyright law, press law, trademarks and brand protection, as well as unfair competition law. He also specialises in credit and financial issues, contract enforcement disputes and compensation cases

As a seasoned practitioner and lawyer with many years of practical experience, he understands the needs of his clients perfectly, as well as the need to select the appropriate legal tools for the specific nature of the market today and the rapidly changing world, having witnessed and navigated through these transformations firsthand

Maciej has also shaped many well-known and successful lawyers currently operating on Poland’s legal services market. As a mentor and teacher, he imparts his extensive knowledge to the younger generation of practitioners, who benefit greatly from his guidance..

Having graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, he developed his skills at the well-known Polish law firm Wardynski & Partners, among other places, and spent some time working at Allen & Overy in London on a scholarship from the Polish British Bar Association.

In addition to his legal prowess, Maciej is valued by both colleagues and clients for his unparalleled sense of humour and extensive knowledge of the world and its history. This shows in his remarkably accurate diagnoses and insightful comments on present-day affairs. He is an avid lover of literature and music, further enriching his multifaceted personality.

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Ingrid Gruszka
Ingrid specialises in the protection of personal rights, with a particular focus on protecting her clients’ good name, image, reputation and privacy. Her special interests also include intellectual property law.

She advises clients on projects concerning copyright law, brands and trademark protection, as well as in matters related to acts of unfair competition. She also adeptly navigates the legal aspects of social media operations, offering valuable guidance.

Ingrid represents clients in litigation across various areas of civil law, frequently handling cases with elements of contract law, family and guardianship law. Her particular expertise lies in disputes that involve the protection of personal rights, an area to which she devotes significant attention.

She has gained her professional experience working at a number of smaller law offices specialising in litigation, as well as at a prestigious international law firm in Warsaw.

Ingrid is a law graduate of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. During her studies, she had the opportunity to further enhance her legal knowledge as an Erasmus scholarship holder at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. Additionally, she completed postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw, specialising in intellectual property law.

Ingrid is recognised for her curiosity, open-mindedness, and empathetic nature, enabling her to find tailored solutions to her clients’ legal challenges. Her ability to understand and meet their specific needs sets her apart.

In her free time, she loves to surf the waves and practices yoga. She loves conscious, quality living and huge doses of music. Adventure beckons her, and she cherishes the feeling of a backpack on her shoulders and an open horizon ahead – the farther, the better! For shorter journeys, such as trips to court, she relies on her beloved Vespa.

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Konrad Wojewódzki
Konrad’s professional passion lies in copyright law and serving clients from the creative industry, but his practice extends to cover many other areas of civil law, including the protection of personal rights and consumer claims as well as compensation and contract law in general.

He also enjoys dealing with criminal cases, with the issues of fraud being of most interest to him.

His experience ranges from drafting complex contracts – at which he is exceptionally adept – to representing clients at every stage of the legal process. He takes immense pleasure from working with the written and spoken word, showcasing his ability to break down any legal problem with precision, for which he is particularly appreciated by his clients as well as by his colleagues.

Konrad graduated in law from the prestigious Jagiellonian University and is an advocate at the Warsaw Bar Association. He gained substantial experience while working in a renowned leading law firm specialising in the protection of intellectual property. He was also an in-house lawyer in a Warsaw-based museum and has written for the respected publication Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. 

Konrad’s fascination with Poland extends beyond the legal realm. He is captivated by the country’s geography, natural environment, culture, and rich history, which serves as the backdrop for everything. Considering himself both an observer and participant of change, he possesses a remarkable ability to beautifully document these transformations.

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Pamela Łostowska
paralegal, office manager
Pamela assumes the crucial responsibility of ensuring the seamless functioning of our law firm, overseeing work organisation, managing the meeting calendar, and handling all administrative matters. As the first point of contact for our office, she is the eyes and ears and has the answers to many difficult questions.

Thanks to her many years of experience in administrative positions, particularly in law firms, as well as her love of the law, especially criminal law, she spreads her wings as a paralegal and supports the team in terms of content as well.

She is the heart and soul of our law firm, cherished for her quick wit and cutting retorts.

Pamela earned her Master’s degree in Public Health from the Medical University of Warsaw and subsequently held various administrative positions in private medical sector entities. Her journey then led her to work as a legal assistant in renowned Warsaw law firms.

In her leisure time, Pamela indulges in exploring criminal puzzles, reflecting her fascination with true crime. She is also an incurable Harry Potter fan and has a sphynx cat named Gaia, whom she loves with all her heart.

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